• Industry Knowledge|The requirements to pay attention to when printing the sample

    Introduction: Printing is widely used in life, no matter what most places will use printing. In the printing process, many factors affecting the printing effect, so the printing will first print samples and samples for comparison, in case there are errors in time to correct, to ensure the perfect...
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  • Industry Knowledge| Stamping Process

    Hot stamping is an important metal effect surface decoration method, although gold and silver ink printing and hot stamping have similar metallic luster decorative effect, but to get a strong visual impact, or through the hot stamping process to achieve. Due to the continuous innovation of hot ...
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  • Industry knowledge|The key maintenance manual of printing machine peripheral equipment must read

    rinting presses and peripheral equipment also need your care and daily attention, come together to see, what to pay attention to it. Air pump   At present, there are two kinds of air pumps for offset printing machines, one is a dry pump; one is an oil pump.   1. dry pump is through the graphi...
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  • Summary Of The Hazards Of Static Electricity In Printing And Removal Methods

    Printing is carried out on the surface of the object, electrostatic phenomena are also mainly manifested on the surface of the object. The printing process due to friction between different substances, impact and contact, so that all the substances involved in the printing of static electricity. ...
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  • Global Economic And Trade News

    Iran: Parliament Passes SCO Membership Bill Iran’s parliament passed the bill for Iran to become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) with a high vote on Nov. 27. A spokesman for the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said the Irania...
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  • Tell You What To Do | Pattern blurring, color loss, dirty version and other failures, all help you fix

    Introduction: In aluminum foil printing, the problem of ink can cause many printing problems, such as blurred patterns, color loss, dirty plates, etc. How to solve them, this article helps you get it all done. 1、Blurred Pattern During the printing process of aluminum foil, there is often a blurr...
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  • Knowledge Of The Industry|These links are wrong – plate making, printing and other processes have to be reworked

    Black and white draft, color draft review is one of the important work of the soft package factory, is to ensure that the subsequent processes are carried out properly, the main basis for the production of customer satisfaction packaging bags. Top 12 elements to look for when reviewing black and ...
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  • Knowledge Of The Industry| Plastic Anti-Aging 4 Must-See Guides

    Polymer materials are now widely used in high-end manufacturing, electronic information, transportation, building energy saving, aerospace, national defense and many other fields because of their excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, temperature resistance and corrosion resist...
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  • How To Choose The Bags You Want

    Flat Bottom Bag Flat bottom bag is one of most popular packing format in the coffee industry. It is easy to fill and offer more design space with five visible side. It generally with side zipper, can be resealable and extends the freshness of your products. Adding the valve, can help the air out ...
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  • Industry News|Smart Manufacturing Reconstructs The Ecological Model Of Printing Universe

    The recently concluded 6th World Smart Conference focused on the theme of “New Era of Intelligence: Digital Empowerment, Smart Winning Future”, and released a number of cutting-edge technologies, application results and industry standards around the frontier areas of artificial intell...
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  • Definition and classification of degradable plastics

    At present we use flexible packaging film raw materials, basically belong to non-degradable materials. Although many countries and enterprises are committed to the development of degradable materials, but the degradable materials that can be used for flexible packaging has not yet been replaced b...
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  • Common misconceptions about biodegradable plastics

    1. The biological based plastic equivalent to biodegradable plastics According to relevant definitions, bio-based plastics refer to plastics produced by microorganisms based on natural substances such as starch. Biomass for bioplastics synthesis can come from corn, sugar cane or cellulose. And bi...
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