A Discussion on How to Green Print Pricing

The implementation of green printing has become a major trend in the printing industry, printing enterprises in the focus on green printing social responsibility, environmental significance at the same time also need to consider the cost changes brought about by it. Because, in the process of implementing green printing, printing companies need to make a lot of new inputs, such as the purchase of new environmentally friendly raw and auxiliary materials, the introduction of new equipment and the transformation of production processes, production environment, etc., the production cost is often higher than ordinary printing. This involves the immediate interests of printing enterprises, commissioned printing units and consumers, so how to make reasonable charges in the process of practicing green printing has become an important research topic.

For this reason, the state and local authorities have put forward some corresponding policies for green printing, taking the form of subsidies or incentives to encourage printing enterprises to promote green printing. The Beijing Printing Association has also actively organized experts in the industry to carry out research and propose subsidy standards for green printing. This article describes in detail the pricing scope and reference formula of green printing, which may be helpful for the reasonable formulation of green printing price.

1. Clarifying the pricing scope of green printing

Clarifying the pricing scope of green printing is of great significance in promoting the high-quality development of publication printing enterprises and evaluating the hierarchical management.

1) Green inputs that can be recovered are not priced. If the centralized recycling of waste gas can still be reused, the proceeds of which can offset the investment in environmental protection treatment equipment after a certain period of time. Some printing companies use a third-party company closed loop responsible for the investment and recovery of the treatment equipment, without the printing company to intervene in the cycle of the value stream, of course, not to be reflected in the printing pricing.

2) Green inputs are not recyclable pricing. Such as green printing training to establish rules and regulations, certification and review costs, procurement of green printing plates, inks, fountain solution, car wash water, laminating / binding adhesives and other overflow costs, etc., can not be recycled from the cycle of recovery, can only be accurately or roughly calculated, to the external commissioning of the printing of green prints of the units and individuals charged.

2. Accurate Measurement of Billable Items

Pricable items are generally existing pricing items, and the green effect can be reflected in the printed materials or can be verified. Printing companies can charge a green premium to the commissioning party, the commissioning party can also be used to increase the sales price of the printed materials.

1) Paper

Paper needs to measure the difference between forest-certified paper and general paper, such as a forest-certified paper price of 600 yuan / order, and the same kind of non-certified paper price of 500 yuan / order, the difference between the two is 100 yuan / order, equivalent to the price increase for the printed sheet of 100 yuan / order ÷ 1000 = 0.10 yuan / printed sheet.

2) CTP plate

Each folio green plate price increase for the green plate and general plate unit price difference. For example, the unit price of green plate is 40 yuan / m2, the unit price of general plate is 30 yuan / m2, the difference is 10 yuan per square meter. If the folio version of the calculation, the area of 0.787m × 1.092m ÷ 2 ≈ 43m2, is 43% of 1m2, so each folio green plate price increase calculated as 10 yuan × 43% = 4.3 yuan / folio.

Since the number of prints varies from region to region, if it is calculated according to 5000 prints, the price increase of green CTP plate per folio is 4.3÷5000=0.00086 yuan, and the price increase of green CTP plate per folio is 0.00086×2=0.00172 yuan.

3) Ink

Green ink is used for printing, the formula for calculating the price increase per folio of 1,000 prints per folio of green ink 1,000 prints = the amount of ink per folio of 1,000 prints × (the unit price of environmentally friendly ink – the unit price of general ink).

In this black ink printing text as an example, assuming that each folio of thousands of printing ink dosage of 0.15kg, soy ink price of 30 yuan / kg, general ink price of 20 yuan / kg, the use of soy ink printing per folio of printing price increase calculation method is as follows

0.15 × (30-20) = 1.5 yuan / folio thousand = 0.0015 yuan / folio sheet = 0.003 yuan / sheet

4) Adhesive for lamination

Adopting environmentally friendly adhesives for laminating, the formula for calculating the green laminating price per pair of openings

Green laminating price per pair of openings = amount of adhesive used per pair of openings × (unit price of environmentally friendly adhesive – unit price of general adhesive)

If the amount of adhesive per pair of openings 7g/m2 × 43% ≈ 3g / pair of openings, the price of environmental protection adhesive 30 yuan / kg, the general price of adhesive 22 yuan / kg, then each pair of green laminating price increase = 3 × (30-22)/1000 = 0.024 yuan

5) Binding hot melt adhesive

The use of environmentally friendly glue binding hot melt adhesive, per print green glue binding fee markup formula

Binding fee per print of green adhesive binding fee increase = the amount of hot melt adhesive per print × (green hot melt adhesive unit price – general hot melt adhesive unit price)

It should be noted that this formula only applies to both EVA hot melt adhesive, such as the use of PUR hot melt adhesive, because its use is only about 1/2 of the EVA hot melt adhesive, you need to modify the above formula as follows

PUR hot-melt adhesive ordering fee per sheet = PUR hot-melt adhesive usage per sheet × unit price – general hot-melt adhesive usage per sheet × unit price

If the unit price of PUR hot melt adhesive is 63 yuan/kg, the amount of 0.3g/print; EVA hot melt adhesive 20 yuan/kg, the amount of 0.8g/print, then there are 0.3 × 63/1000-0.8 × 20/1000 = 0.0029 yuan/print, so PUR hot melt adhesive ordering should be 0.0029 yuan/print.

3. Parts that cannot be measured as billable items

Can not be measured by pricing items, such as certification review costs, the establishment of a green system, the establishment of new positions and management training costs; the process of harmless and less harmful measures; the end of the three waste management. This part of the proposal is to increase the cost by a certain percentage (e.g., 10%, etc.) of the sum of the above mark-ups.

It should be noted that the above examples of data are imaginary, for reference only. For actual measurement, the data in the printing standards should be consulted/selected. For data not available in the standards, actual measurements should be taken and the industry norms, i.e. data that can be achieved by the average printing company, should be used.

4. Other Programs

The green printing pricing work of the Beijing Printing Association was carried out relatively early, and at that time, the only items measured were paper, plate making, ink, and hot melt adhesive for gluing. Now it seems that some items can also be considered indirectly into the existing pricing items, such as fountain solution and car wash water is it possible to find out or calculate the required data, especially per folio thousands of prints (some printing enterprises to wash the water per day per machine 20 ~ 30kg), in order to calculate the cost of printing premium data according to the following formula.

1) Use of environmentally friendly fountain solution

Increase in price per folio of 1,000 prints = amount per folio of 1,000 prints × (unit price of environmental fountain solution – general fountain solution unit price)

2) Use of environmentally friendly car wash water

Price increase per folio = dosage per folio × (unit price of eco-friendly car wash water – unit price of general car wash water)

Post time: Aug-25-2023

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